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Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:United States of America
Elenchus (noun)

1. A logical refutation; an argument that refutes another argument by proving the contrary of its conclusion.

2. A humanoid creature that makes its home in universities and cozy libraries. Most commonly seen around the philosophy and feminist studies departments, the elenchus can also be observed loitering in the halls of history, literature, computer science and virtually any other campus department. It has been theorized that the elenchus builds its nest – a facsimile ivory tower – out of used fantasy and science fictions novels, which would account for the vast numbers of such tomes that disappear into its lair. Has a tendency to go into fits of giggles whenever Victorians or Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz are mentioned. Allergic to solipsists, extreme cultural relativists and misplaced semi-colons.

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